Studio Name: Bruce Warren Photography

Artist Names: Bruce Warren
Medium: photography
Studio Location: 2142 34th - Stop #6
Website: Bruce Warren's website
Bruce Warren has been a photographer, author and photography educator for more than 30 years. He moved to Los Alamos in 2000 from the Washington, DC, area. Bruce has an MFA in Photography from Ohio University, Athens, and is the author of three widely used photography textbooks, Photography 2E, Photography: The Concise Guide and Digital Photography. He taught photography at Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland, from 1976 to 2000, was coordinator of their photography program from 1988 to 2000, and was instrumental in establishing a complete two-year professional photography curriculum. He was awarded a Fulbright Teacher Exchange in 1994-95, during which he taught photography at London College of Printing in England.
Bruce Warren’s photography includes landscapes, travel, nudes and nature, in both color and black-and-white. While his style of photography belongs to the school of straight photography, all of his current print output is produced digitally. He has traveled and photographed extensively in Europe, Africa, the Far East and the United States. Gallery shows of prints previously displayed in Los Alamos include “Mythic Places” and “70s Nudes Revisited”.