Studio Name: Hayran Unlimited

Artist Name: Pat Soran
Medium: wood
Studio Location: 1490 Los Pueblos - Stop #9
Website: Pat Soran's website
I love working with hardwoods. In particular, I have made several pieces of furniture from cherry, maple, mahogany, and walnut. These are pieces of what I call flat furniture, namely tables, chairs, chests, and various kinds of cabinets. Furniture has been made for my home, my children’s homes, friend’s homes and various commission pieces. A few years ago I began making “round furniture” and art pieces. Round furniture is built on the lathe and can be constructed of solid or segment pieces of wood. Many of my pieces have been sold in art centers, galleries and online. I enjoying working with wood and all the beautiful structures, grains, and organic beauty that wood can provide to the recipient of a flat or round piece of furniture.