Schedule of Events

There may be a reception on Friday evening; more information will be posted closer to the tour date. Stay tuned!

Our artists' studios will be open both days:

Saturday, October 14th

Tour, 10am-5pm

Sunday, October 15th

Tour, 12-5pm


  1. Project Y (Overview and samples): 150 Central Park Square, Los Alamos
  2. UNMLA Painting and Ceramics: 4000 University Dr, Los Alamos
  3. Heather Ward, Heather Ward Wildlife Art: 2380 Canyon Glen, Los Alamos
  4. Valentina Devine, Yarn Creations: 1222 Big Rock Loop, Los Alamos
  5. David Trujillo, Atlox Works: 1210 Los Pueblos, Los Alamos
  6. Patrick Soran, Hayran Unlimited: 1490 Los Pueblos, Los Alamos
  7. Susanne Harrison: 479 Bryce, White Rock
  8. Bettina Hehlen Photography and Jewelry: 511 Grand Canyon, White Rock
  9. Dean Carstens: 122 La Senda Rd, White Rock
  10. Akkana Peck, Junk DNA Art: 111 La Senda Rd, White Rock