Studio Name:

Artist Name: Tatiana Klimov
Medium: jewelry
Studio oil painting: 2 Apache Plume - Stop #4
Description: Native Russian from Saint Petersburg. Tatiana found her second home in Los Alamos 22 years ago. In spite of having a college degree in Metallurgy, most of her life she has worked in fashion and beauty business. In Russia, she owned and ran a private crafts school. Shortly after relocating to the US, she opened her own business “Nature Care for Skin & Hair.” She has always enjoyed designing and making clothes, knitting, crochet, quilt, and embroidery based on her own designs. Even as a child she had passion for art and especially drawing. Finally, around last spring she decided to serious pursue her desire for expressing her inner self in the form of “happy paintings.” Her painting philosophy is to portray positive energy and happiness by splashing bright colors on canvas to share the beauty and inspiration she finds through her love of nature.