Studio Name: Susanne Harrison

Artist Name: Susanne Harrison
Medium: painting
Studio Location: 479 Bryce, White Rock - Stop #8
Susanne Harrison is an award-winning painter and printmaker. Born and raised in Rhode Island, she mastered her skills at both the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Rhode Island. She began exploring her art in New Mexico in 2008, and has been teaching at the Fuller Lodge Art Center in Los Alamos since 2014.

Susanne enjoys creating art with water-soluble inks, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, oil paints and occasionally shaving cream. She has been teaching both adults and children how to use art materials to create their own masterpieces since 2000.

In January 2017, Susanne began leading a Canvas & Cocktails Event with the Fuller Lodge Art Center which has expanded to her own small business titled the Los Alamos Canvas Events. Her mission is to bring the joy of painting to people who have never painted, haven?t painted in a while, and those who do paint in the Los Alamos community.

Susanne Harrison used art to overcome adversity in her life, both in her battles with breast cancer and recovering from the loss of loved ones and is thrilled to use her skills to initiate unique painting experiences for others. She like to think of them as mini getaways. She creates an environment that helps others let go of day to day issues for a couple of hours and focus only on creating something fun.